Dino’s Charity For Children

Dino’s Charity for Children, Inc.

Dino’s Charity for Children, Inc. was created during Dino’s final days as a tribute to him. We hope to continue his legacy of caring for others and his love of children.
The mission of the fund is to provide charity to children in need. We define need as it relates to medical issues and/or educational assistance. We intend to focus the majority of the giving to the Cape May County community; this is where we feel we can do the most good.

We would like to invite you to send a written request if you are aware of a child in the Cape May County area in need of special medical or educational assistance. Please forward the request for assistance and be sure to include the candidate’s name, their address, phone number and, a brief description of their situation to:

Dino’s Charity for Children
P.O. Box 101
Seaville, NJ 08230
All requests will be carefully reviewed by the Charity’s Board of Administrators and will be kept confidential.

Due to the limitation of the amount of funds, not all candidates may be eligible for assistance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time at the above listed address.

Dino’s Cookies for Kids

Dino’s Seaville Diner has decided to create a cash flow stream that will go directly towards Dino’s Charity for Children. This will ensure that Dino’s Charity for Children has funds available to support thing such as a yearly scholarship in addition to requests for medical assistance. All of the net proceeds from the sale of Dino’s Chocolate Chip Cookies at Dino’s Seaville Diner will be donated to Dino’s Charity for Children Inc..

Why cookies? As many can recall, one of Dino’s favorite things to do was to give cookies to his “little regulars” that would come in with their parents. This would not only bring a smile to a child and their parents face, but to Dino’s as well.

Contributions or Request for Assistance should be mailed to:

Dino’s Charity for Children
P.O. Box 101
Seaville, NJ 08230

Dino’s Charity for Children Inc.
A 501c-3 Tax Exempt Charitable Organization
All Donations are tax deductible.

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